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 Building Green to Make a World of Difference...


Our World of Difference Mission:
Realizing that over past decades, industrial development has had adverse effects on the   earth's eco-system, International Buildings is concerned with the concept of sustainable development, recycling and environmental protection. Our mission is to help bring about positive change by manufacturing environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings, ensuring that what we build today won't negatively impact tomorrow's generations. Our team of vastly experienced architects and engineers are dedicated to  mindfully serving our customers interests in the accountable development of sustainable, steel buildings, reducing the ecological footprint and forging a healthy environment Building green to make a world of difference.

Why We're World Renowned
International Buildings has earned a world renowned reputation for being a factory-direct provider of sustainable steel buildings crafted from the world's finest Galvalume heavy gauge steel. Our independent third party team of expert architects and license engineers with over half a century of cumulative experience collaborate at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to complement classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability and comfort with green building practices improving global communities and business efficiency. We look forward to forging a green, successful future by providing world class, quality, superior value and responsive customer service.     


Building Models

Model A Model A - Widths 16' - 30'
Model S Model S - Widths 20' - 60'
Model Q Model Q - Widths 20' - 100'
Model R Model R - Widths 30' - 60'
Model T Model T - Widths 20' - 50'

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