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Building Green to Make a World of Difference


*Sustainable, Easily Attainable: Steel is the proven standard in the effort to create durable, sustainable architecture that will stand the test of time and extreme weather conditions while creating a versatile product that is attractive, quickly delivered, light weight, can be easily assembled without heavy equipment and is virtually maintenance free.

*Eco-Friendly: Steel structures have many environmental benefits and are considered very green. Steel contributes to the sustainability of the eco-system because it can be used in place of woods and save trees. It is also recyclable, reusable and can reduce utility costs, lifetime maintenance and waste. Energy-efficient manufacturing of metal reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases and the urban heat island (UHI) effect - a phenomenon when urban concrete and asphalt constructions absorb heat during the day, radiate back at night and prevent air from cooling down. Steel construction can circumvent UHI, keeping buildings cooler as well as retaining heat, plus steel buildings manufactured by International Building improved for ventilation and airflow can also be ordered with optional insulation packages to save energy and reduce cooling/heating costs.

User-Friendly: Our steel buildings can be assembled in an easy, do-it-yourself three-step process. With precut, predrilled panels, holes guaranteed to line up and no welding, you could be putting the finishing touches on a complete, water-tight sustainable steel structure with no beams, posts or trusses providing 100% usable space just days after receiving fast, reliable delivery and International Buildings professionally engineered, state certified factory blueprints.

*world's Finest Steel: Our buildings are manufactured with Galvalume steel the finest quality heavy gauge steel available in the world that is fire and rust resistant, won't warp and can protect valuable assets from wind, rain and sun. Naturally termite and rodent resistant, requiring no pesticides or treatment for protection, Galvalume steel's high-performance alloy coating also provides outstanding corrosion resistance and promotes a long, trouble-free life backed by International Buildings 50-Year warranty. .

*Go Green, Save Green: Metal materials make building green highly cost effective and because International Buildings steel buildings are sold straight from the factory, the savings can be passed on directly to you. Our advanced engineering practices and computerized manufacturing lines at state-of-the-art facilities produce cutting edge, precisely crafted designs, efficiently utilizing raw materials to make sustainable steel buildings and labor costs more affordable than ever.

When you choose a steel building by International Buildings, you can also take advantage of low prices, overstock discounts and factory reductions - plus attain the priceless feeling of confidence that comes with knowing your building will have greater structural strength than a wooden support structure, be cost efficient, weather resistant and the ideal solution for your individual needs.

"Pretty" Versatile: New innovations in color codes and accessories enable International Buildings to make "green pretty" by enhancing the aesthetics of our steel buildings. Our structural finishes meet EPA regulations and our building materials do not release pollutants like certain wood or built-up roof products. International Buildings also offers a variety of attractive models to choose from and accepts orders in many different sizes and dimensions, making it easy to customize buildings to suit individual budgets, available space and varied uses for diverse projects ranging from residential garages to commercial airplane hangers. .

Green Expertise: With over half a century of cumulative expertise, International Builders team of highly experienced independent third party architects, license engineers and responsive customer service representatives are dedicated to surpassing the greatest expectations of customers around the world and exceeding the highest standards of industry excellence.

Our world class service features a toll-free direct link to the factory; readily available expert customer service personnel and local construction consultants; financing assistance; professionally engineered factory blueprints; friendly dispatchers; and emergency service available 24/7.


Building Models

Model A Model A - Widths 16' - 30'
Model S Model S - Widths 20' - 60'
Model Q Model Q - Widths 20' - 100'
Model R Model R - Widths 30' - 60'
Model T Model T - Widths 20' - 50'

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