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Do you think you can't afford to buy a building because of your financial situation?


You might not be able to pay thousands of dollars today for a building, but you can definitely make the following payments... that means you can own your dream building and make the dream become a REALITY

International Buildings wants to help our customers to get the best metal building in the world with the best service possible, we want you to be satisfied this is why when you finance with us you also get Free Shipping and Free Wet Seal Blueprints for those who qualifies.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, In the United States alone, buildings account for: 39% of total energy use; 12% of the total water consumption; 68% of total electricity consumption; and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions. The built environment has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. Green steel buildings strategies can maximize environmental, economic and social performance and improve overall quality of life creating benefits include:

Better air and water quality
Natural resource conservation
Reduced operating costs
Enhanced occupant productivity, comfort and health
Heightened aesthetic qualities
Less strain on local infrastructures.

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*World's finest sustainable Galvalume
heavy gauge steel that can be recycled
vs.  Lower quality galvanized steel
or wood that cuts down trees
*Eco-friendly, User-friendly vs.  Harmful to the environment,,
hard to assemble
*Cost and energy efficient vs.  Energy consuming, higher
utility and maintenance costs
*Best factory direct prices vs.  Paying more to deal with
a middleman
*Easy 3-Step Assembly with
no heavy equipment required
vs.  Welding and cranes required
*Arches with 9' overlap vs.  Standard 3' overlap
*Pre-cut, pre drilled bolts vs.  Non pre-drilled screws
*100% usable space vs.  Beams, posts and trusses
*Aesthetically attractive vs.  Industrial ugly appearance
*Weather tight vs.  Leaks and water damage
*Rust and fireproof vs.  Corrosive and flammable
*Customized options vs.  No customization offered
All certified wet seal blueprints and engineering for the buildings are stamped by an independent outside third party professionally licensed engineer. vs.  Engineer and drafting costs
*Fast, reliable delivery vs.  Months of waiting
*50-Year Manufacturer's Warranty vs.  1-5 year broker warranty
*World class customer service vs.  Recorded messages
*Expert factory architects and engineers vs.  Low quality craftsmanship
*24/7 toll free line vs.  Hard to get help


Arch Steel Buildings Uses

Building Models

Model A Model A - Widths 16' - 30'
Model S Model S - Widths 20' - 60'
Model Q Model Q - Widths 20' - 100'
Model R Model R - Widths 30' - 60'
Model T Model T - Widths 20' - 50'

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